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First of all, my ex treated me like garbage and used me.The 3.5 year long relationship was completely one sided and I was the ultimate white knight.

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After our $40 meal, she put down her credit card and went to the bathroom. We can never know unless we let down our guard and allow her to pick up a check.We are now running What we have found over the years is that guys tend to be in the upper end of the age group and girls in the lower end.For example our "GUYS 23-32: GIRLS 21-30" group you will find approx 75% of the guys attending would actually be aged 26-32 and approx 75% of the girls would be aged 21-25. Upon seeing the sunrise, Quackor turns back into Ducky and flies back into Mandark's house.Dexter and Mandark try to show off their pets' tricks in class, but they are too tired from fighting to do anything.She's poison and I rationally understand that, but I have this emotional response that cripples me at times like this.

I know damn well that i'm in a better place now, I know what I was worth to her..

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When she goes into her supervillain secret identity form, she wears a black rubbery suit that covers her whole body except for her beak and eyes that is mainly made up of the two colors black and green.

There are green webbed feet shaped boots that she wears and she has a green ring around her neck.

Quackor returns in "A Quackor Cartoon" the beginning is quite similar to the previous episode and they fight until Monkey punches Quackor so hard it lays an egg revealing Quackor to be female upon realizing this Monkey falls in love with her and they go on a date at the end.