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And then there’s the fact that your parents and other people are involved, and they may share what is happening. I don’t know how old you are, but I assume you are at an age where your parents have some say in what you do and how you do it.The best way to stay safe is to hit the pause button.

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Oh yes, but they are both single and entering a new phase of their lives.Whether or not Justin Bieber groping Ariana led to her split with Big Sean (he says it was staged to hurt him after the fact), they are close. A bit of a stretch to assume he's dating Grande based on this? Grande jumped on the bandwagon and posted her own picture marking the number of days to go ... "Yes I have heard it and yes it is fantastic," she said, implying she and Bieber have been hanging out or even collaborating on the tune.Chanyeol: He had taken you out on a date late at night thinking that the two of you would be left alone and that he wouldn’t be recognized.There had been rumors about him dating circulating but he thought they’d died down after the media hadn’t been able to find any indication that he was actually dating…But let’s not forget the fine print – “복주녕 Forever,” he captioned, which translates to the pair’s on-screen couple name Bok Joon Hyung. When you expect the typical K-drama fodder of totally fluffy, PG-13 smooches and you get overly passionate kisses feat a lil’ hair tug here and some neck action there (hide yo eyes, kids).

©owner GBMr YDoy — Annnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaa (@shamrock53210) April 16, 2017 The Coldplay concert was a star-studded affair with many top-notch celebrities in attendance, including our one and only Bok Joon Hyung couple!

Bieber is trying to rebuild his image and getting involved with a pretty, young and wildly popular singer would only boost his popularity.

After breaking up with Sean, licking donuts and hating America, Ari's new rebellious streak is in full effect, and he's still kind of a "bad boy." In a manner of speaking, anyway. Are these two hooking up on the sly and if so, would they make a cute couple or an absolutely disastrous duo?

He should have known that even at two in the morning there would be people trying to find proof that he was dating.

Some fans had caught the moment and soon the pictures were everywhere.

We still don't know if Rob and Kristen are dating, but what about when it comes to relationships that aren't in the spotlight?