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That *&^%$ SHATTERED MY HEART AND MURDERED MY SOUL.And it wasn't just her, the Policemen Imposters in Brown, White and Red, AKA The Jerkops (Blue and Black ARE the TRUE POLICE SOLDIERS) also seriously indented the impression that "Virgina is for Virgins, NOT Lovers". Now here, we see its head is a basic human shape, but it only thinks evil and naughty thoughts.

Rank and file Jerkops are depicted in an even simpler fashion than the other background characters in the Sonichu comics.It was made exceptionally well for something so simple. Not too sweet but the right kind of sweet that tops off an evening with Canlis.Their legs are often held tightly together, as if they move via tiny wheels on the undersides of their feet. Their female counterparts, Janekops, look about the same, except for their prominent breasts and neck-length hairstyles.Chris would later elaborate on the Jerkop uniforms on the CWCipedia.Here’s some news you almost certainly saw coming: After yet another messy breakup (number 47,819, we believe) Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are back together once again!

Yes, multiple sources are reporting that the couple has reunited (again) during a lavish beach vacation (again).

Note, its eyes are frowning; the[sic] stay that way 24/7. This "badge" is a phony; it's really a cracker, covered in glitter-glue.

It wards away all who approach it with its out-of-date breadstick.

The menu started off with hors d'oeuvres, bread and butter.

First course for me was Peters Canlis Prawn which was buttery and savory. It was accommodated with toasted bread which had a smoky taste to it. Next was the filet mignon which I thought was mediocre. My boyfriend had the chicken which Canlis will tell you that it is somewhat median rare and that's how they cook it.

You can’t really blame her, what with the number of times the dude has weaseled his way back into her good graces only to let her down.