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Dating the neighbor

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While there are advantages to dating someone who lives within such close proximity, a certain amount of risk is involved.If and when things go sour, avoiding the other person will be difficult.

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If nothing else, the prospect of the relationship ending is reason enough to rethink dating someone with whom you share such close quarters.C., she considered dating a neighbor, but was talked out of it by a friend.She reminded me about the possibility of things getting sticky if the person turned out to be a jealous type of individual or unstable," said Hunt.If you and your neighbor break up, you’re still likely to run into that person frequently, making hanging around at home less desirable.For most people, breaking off a dating relationship is best when you don’t have to worry about running into that person too often.Most apartment buildings have them: the attractive individual next door.

You see them as you walk up the stairs or bump into them at the mailbox.

What could possibly be dreamier than settling into your new home, then finding out some hottie lives next door? This may in fact be the ultimate double-edged sword of neighborhood life.

It's great if you two truly hit it off, but if you don't, setting foot outside your door can get so awkward, you might become a shut-in—or be tempted to just pick up and move.

After he moved out of the building, we eventually started dating, but it didn't work out.

So I'm glad I made the decision that I did," Hunt said.

All the chance encounters and their gorgeous smile may have lead you to consider dating your neighbor.