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Dating stanley router planes

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Both of these models were made in England as can be seen.

My saws, chisels, and planes haven’t missed a step when it comes to making joinery that my router used to make.The grooved post is also grooved on its backside so that the cutter can be reversed, making the plane function in a bull nose fashion.Routers online Routers for most people conjure up a range of different images ranging from face shields and dust extractors to dust masks ear plugs hearing protection and other head gear resembling and American football team player or a SWAT team member. The truth is, it was more than a year since I had even used any of them before I sold them.I rarely used my router for edge treatments like mouldings when I had it despite the fact that I had a decent collection of edge profiles.It is not possible to show all these, but the user will soon discover places where these tools will prove their value."They are sorta D-shaped, with two turned hardwood knobs (beech or maple) on each end.

The knobs flank an adjustable L-shaped cutter, which protrudes through a large, circular opening in the plane's sole.

Once you understand how to stick your own mouldings using hollows and rounds, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the profiles you create.

And if that is really an obstacle then just look around to find ideas.

They are used to smooth, thin, and flatten wood, as well as to shape the wood for utilitarian purposes like joints and decorative purposes like edges and molding.

Thanks to the invention of planes, a moderately skilled workman could produce the same quality carpentry that previously had taken a master...

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