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Dating someone different religion

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I come from a Muslim background but wasn’t raised so.My dad doesn’t believe in God and my mom does but more abstractly than holy books explain.

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Slowly, we can find ourselves starting to second-guess our original standards, wondering if we've been too extreme or unrealistic.To have the president or the moral leader of the community not acting in line with that value is a questionable thing,” Summer said. GOD Some students say that having a partner of a different faith or with a different level of commitment to the faith may interfere with their own relationship with God. Gillis ’08, a Protestant from an Evangelical background, says the importance of shared religious beliefs is emphasized in The New Testament.I love reading all of your articles, they’re incredibly easy to relate to.Religious dating is not the same as other kinds of dating, as there are certain expectations and limits that are in place.These expectations and limits have a great impact on dating. Religious dating only works if both people are devout in their beliefs. People must also be a part of the beliefs they support.But single Christians may be tempted to say, "Well, it doesn't talk about dating. " To answer, it's important to take a step back and look at some principles found in Scripture.

Summer ’06 always assumed that she would raise her children Jewish.

In contrast, Summer says she found that the strongest reactions came not from her family, but from her religious community.

She says that when she ran for the position of Hillel President last year, some notable people in the community expressed concern over her involvement in an interfaith relationship.“It was not a huge issue,” she said, “but it was something that I had to justify.”Many Harvard Jewish students say that both dating and marrying within the faith are important to them.“I think that dating within the faith..a strong value that many Jews have.

I personally believe our core values are the same and we both are great people – I don’t believe going to church every Sunday makes one individual any better than the next.

I even go to church with him because I appreciate the rich culture and history of the experience, but that’s more how I see it.

If you are a part of a religious group, you could find someone to date within that group.