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Dating men with daughters

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For years I've told him this day was coming and for years he has wanted to avoid the subject.Last year when Dennis Rainey wrote his book, , my hubby had it read faster than I have ever seen him read any book.

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But it also has you filling a very important role where you are much needed and wanted if you are a natural.Trying to get your boyfriend to spend time with you instead of his daughter, may make him feel pressured.I am 27 and i am interested in this man who is so sweet (he is 32) and has really good morals, decent job and all things a woman looks for in a man except he is divorced and has a 7 year old daughter which he sees her every other weekend.Women may have a bigger challenge bonding with a partner’s kids than men.Constance Ahrons’ research, “Family Ties After Divorce: Long-Term Implications for Children,” found children have a more difficult time adjusting to a stepmother than a stepfather.Take your time getting to know your new man before taking on his daughter.

If it's the right thing, he'll want to introduce you into his daughter's life as someone who is important to him.

Initially, spend time together on occasions when the child is not with her father, so she doesn't feel you're encroaching on her time with Daddy.

Don't push to meet his daughter until you're both sure of your own relationship, and by no means force him to choose between you and his little girl; his daughter's presence in his life is guaranteed, yours is not. In particular, pay attention to your conversations, how he talks about his daughter and his interactions with the girl's mother to get a sense of the existing family dynamic, and then proceed accordingly.

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So you're dating a great guy with a promising future, but there's one person who could make or break your relationship -- his teenage daughter.

You would be taking on a dual role, and the role with the child would require selflessness and care.