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Dating late bloomer

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I've just turned 30 years old, so that means I have not only the privilege, but the duty to lecture all you 20-somethings on life. but I have learned some things in my three decades on earth — especially about love and dating.

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People suffering from severe cases of ugly duckling syndrome are those who don’t bloom until late high school or early college years.And, as a matter of fact, these individuals are also seemingly vampires.OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration — but I can say that they never seem to age.and it was speed dating (which I will write about soon.)See, so when I tell you I have some warnings for you, listen up!As I often say, “you don't want to trade places with what I've been through.”Now you're probably thinking: Who's this guy to give me advice? Actually, I'd argue it makes me the perfect guy to give advice.In fact, to say that someone is a late bloomer is usually a nice way of saying they are sort of a loser.

But here's a counter-intuitive spin on late bloomers: Rather than being slow to mature, maybe in fact they are actually ahead of their peers.

There's some self-praise embedded in that statement, because it implies that I bloomed, a point that could be disputed.

So we'll just say that to the extent I bloomed, it happened late.

In order to rid the bud it has to bloom and be deflowered.

But the bud will only bloom once Mai has found a mate.

They didn’t have a strong male role model growing up. Just like women deal with slut shame, men deal with predator shame.