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Dating kryptonite

" I ran them through silly drills as well as skills and was supremely supportive.

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Until, I suddenly started thinking:- “Wait a second Ralphy-boy; remember what happened this week, that mental international media storm that culminated in you asking a girl out on twitter, and her saying yes? ” “Well dummy we are going on a date, and I think we are in agreement that we are rather keen on it going swimmingly right? Seriously given a choice between braving the Mall during Christmas shopping, and deciding on clothing to buy or performing an un-anaesthetised self disembowelment; then get the industrial cleaner out as there will be blood and guts all over the floor!It is really helpful to be able to identify what your “kryptonite” is so that when it sneaks up on you, you can recognize it and take action to help defend yourself against it.Just like Superman, we can prepare and take steps to best be able to deal with and “conquer” our kryptonite. I’m working on a few new projects and I am stepping outside of my comfort zone to create something that I am really passionate about.” “Why, yes me, I do kind of vaguely recall those events” “And, do you see why I’m bringing this up now? ” “True Dat” “So our lack of any dress sense, or even the knowledge of what might look good could possibly, just maybe scupper our chances of appearing to be James Dean on the day right? So now having a little bit of an existential crisis about something I never thought I’d think of….. How can I make myself look much cooler than I actually am, well actually that probably isn’t hard, but as cool as I’d like to appear is an altogether more difficult prospect 😉 Then comes complication number two.Miss X, has understandably, and sensibly, insisted on a chaperone for our date. I gave everyone their own unique cheer for the rest of the team to shout when they came to bat: "Polsky! Divorce was new to both of our kids and we didn't want to introduce the fact that mom and dad were dating.

We entered a very gentle, fun, healing -- and on the sly -- relationship.

But until I had the “aha” that discouragement is just the thing that gets to me, I thought the discouragement was just ME. It is my “thing,” my challenge that creeps in very quickly and can force me to stop what I’m doing, but it isn’t ME.

And now that I know what my kryptonite looks like, I can defend myself from it!

But when she smiled at me as I approached her, I could feel in my bones that she liked me on a whole different level.

I would watch her grading papers on the sidelines and thought what a serene and beautiful woman she seemed.

You know how some people have that “Sartorial Elegance” gene? I have the kind of dress sense that makes Wurzel Gummidge look like David Beckham at his most dapper.