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Dating is a game that grown ups play

A recent study found that two of the 10 most popular apps among people age 55 and older are games, including Words With Friends (see below).

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You are doing something that doesn’t involve a screen; you are playing a card game.If you're stuck in a humdrum dating rut, we've got 30 playful date ideas to get those friendly competition juices flowing and bring that spark back into your love life.Teens aren’t the only ones who have fun playing games on their smartphones and tablets.Did you know that playfulness may be the key to attracting a mate?According to a study, three traits stood out as topping participants' lists of traits they sought in a mate: "sense of humor," "fun-loving," and "playful." But you don't need a study to tell you that it's good for your relationship when you and your significant other are laughing while enjoying a game night in or getting physical while playing an outdoor sport together.In my father’s family, during a big Italian dinner--between the fruit course and dessert--the old folks would clear the table and play cards, specifically a game called Scopa.

Years later, I bonded with my dad and the grandkids learning how to play.

Monopoly’s allure — getting out of jail free, accruing real estate, doling out the dollars to your siblings — has no expiration date.

This venerable board game is one that is just as fun today as when you were young.

(A free trial of Mac and PC versions can be downloaded at Numbered tiles appear on a simple four-by-four grid.

Does it ever seem like the Dating world is a world completely unto its own, with its own rules, players, and most namely - games?

As the industry scrambles to keep up with evolving tastes and technology, this new sensibility could herald a big shift in the way the developers approach their product.