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fire smoke wafts into Alberta, Saskatchewan; air quality advisories issued B.

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Over 40% of Mission is actually tree farm, making it only one of two communities with municipal tree farms.Lovado was moved to the women's facility in Maple Ridge last September after she agreed to meet behavioural expectations.The tribunal's written decision stated Alouette Correctional Centre initially declined to accept Lovado as a transfer based on information from BC Corrections that she'd been living in the community as a male.Some benches of farmland rise in succession northwards above the core developed area of the city.Mission was once the heart of the berry industry in the Fraser Valley, with "Home of the Big Red Strawberry" as Mission's slogan in the 1930s and into the 1940s.That's because the critic's comments in opposition can be used against the minister when he or she wants to do something that contradicts what they said in the past.

But in the case of James, she could be given the most prestigious position short of becoming premier, which is finance, even though she was the opposition finance critic.

VANCOUVER -- A lawyer for a transgender woman who was forced to stay in a men's jail says his client hopes her human rights case against the British Columbia government will change policies for other inmates.

Dan Soiseth said his client Jaris Lovado, who calls herself Bianca, was incarcerated at the Surrey Pretrial Centre for five months last year before being moved to a women's facility after filing multiple complaints.

The ministry told the tribunal that during a previous stay at the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women, Lovado engaged in inappropriate relationships with female inmates and posed a safety risk to women who may have experienced trauma.

It also said Lovado displayed a "male persona." "We don't know exactly what that means," Soiseth said.

So with no further ado, here are my predictions, including those who will be named as ministers of state.1.