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Dating in andhra pradesh

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Kalla Varahala Naidu ( Vara Naidu ) The King Of Yelamanchili.

However, the panel kept the proposal pen ding seeking more information on prospecting studies.Yelamanchilii was once called as ella - majili, which is the border village of Kalinga and Andhra empires.This place was used for the collection of taxes as it is on the border of these areas.After the Satavahanas, this place came into the limelight again during the Kakatiya dynasty, when the nearby towns of Motupalli and Voda Revu served as major seaports. The last dynasty to rule the Ongole region before the British was the Mandapati Dynasty(Zamindars).Ongole is also mentioned in the inscriptions of the Pallava rulers of the 3rd and 4th Century A. According to the historical inscriptions available at Sri Raja Rajeswara Swami Temple complex in Ongole City was constructed by Cholas.The Kotturu Dhanadibbalu Buddhist and Dharapalem Hindu sites respectively are near this town.

This particular area of Yelamanchili was once under the rule of Andhra-Sathavahanas.

It is also the mandal headquarters of Ongole mandal in Ongole revenue division.

Prakasam district was formerly called Ongole district and later, renamed to Prakasam in order to pay homage to the great patriot and ex-chief minister Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu.

During recent mapping, in the central western part of NSB, west of Pamuru town, in a metapellite of Udayagiri Domain (consisting mainly of quartz, muscovite, paragonite, Spessartine garnet, chlorite, chloritoid and magnetite as accessory mineral) four small grains of Xenotime has been found, among which three grains have been dated.

Xenotime is a rare earth phosphate mineral whose major is Yttrium orthophosphate (YPO4).

​Andhra Pradesh and Telangana consume about one-fourth of gold imported by India.