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Dating girl different religion

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While many start off with intentions of finding a godly partner, with each passing year the waiting feels longer and the hoping gets harder.

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(Though they certainly aren't against it.) In fact, religion viewed as a priority in the way in which one chooses a husband was far from my understanding. But what if in my case, love didn't fade and was instead the force behind a wonderful home?Type the word "dating" into your Bible search tool, and what comes up? I remember wishing there was an entire book of the Bible dedicated to the topic when I was single, or at least a chapter.Now, I get emails from singles across the country looking for guidance on who and how to date.But single Christians may be tempted to say, "Well, it doesn't talk about dating. " To answer, it's important to take a step back and look at some principles found in Scripture. I know this girl and she's a christian and I'm not. i noe some people [mainly women] are sooo religious or wuhtevers ! no it shudn't matter, but because she sounds over religious, even if you didn't mind, she what.Because of my feelings by this time, I was willing to keep my faith and let him keep his---not mention it to each other.

If you can’t show him or her this article, then you probably shouldn’t be dating (or marrying).

The way I saw it, love, kindness, patience and, of course, a sense of humor all came before , as my grandparents would have said. What if raising kids without a structured religion allowed them to grow up in a world where the guilt from their family (or the culture they were raised in) never burdened them from being with the one they loved?

We had been dating for years without a change of heart until a sudden conversation over a glass of sangria threw us off course.

yea but your girl sound over religious, your an athesist, the answers pretty f*cking obvious if you ask me.

You have to keep showing your good side(whatever she that is she likes about you), and tell her you respect her faith and you respect her more as a person.

But if you meet someone that's Christian and you're atheist then they shouldnt be forcing you to accept their religion because when they met you, you were not religious and that person obvious fell for that personality.