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Dating during decree nisi of divorce

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Once this has been done, you can apply for Decree Nisi.A decree nisi is an order issued by the court which states the date that your marriage will end unless either you or your ex can show why the divorce should not be granted. The type of statement you need to fill in will depend on the fact you relied on in your divorce petition.

Normally both parties will receive the decree absolute about 7/10 days later depending upon how busy the court is.The person who files the petition is referred to as the Petitioner, and the person who receives the petition is referred to as the Respondent.When the divorce petition has been received by the court, they will send a copy to you, together with a form called an Acknowledgement of Service.Once the divorce petition is completed, it is filed at court.There is a court fee of £410 for filing the petition.When the case is ready, it will be heard before a judge.

If they are satisfied that the marriage has broken down irretrievably a Decree Nisi/Conditional Order will be granted.

If the petition fails to reach the respondent by hand or by post, the petition can be advertised in newspapers (with the approval of the Court) as a substitute way to notify the respondent.

In the case a , there is no need to arrange for a sealed copy to be served on the other party.

(Stage 3) Fixing a court hearing date After your petition has been served on the respondent you should next apply to the Registrar for directions to set down the case for trial (i.e.

to fix a date for a court hearing), using an application form obtainable from the Family Court Registry.

Note that you must not serve the petition on the respondent yourself.