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To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.According to global economist Dambisa Moyo, a world-renowned expert on macroeconomics and international affairs, income inequality is not only a major issue in the current US presidential election race - it's a globally crucial issue that political and economical leaders all over the world should focus on.DW: Income inequality has got worse within the past few years.Today almost every city has scores of marriage and dating agencies.But how can you tell to what dating agency you should apply and what dating agencies you’d better avoid; what dating agency take an active participation in their clients’ lives and for which ones dating and marriage is just a way of making money?The IMF even says that the gap between the rich and poor in advanced economies is at its highest level in decades. Dambisa Moyo: It's really about social mobility, the fact that people have not been able to move up and increase their wages within the last 30 years.

This has partly to do with underinvestment and education - skills have been deteriorating.

And it's also about the fact that the global economy has changed so dramatically.

We've gone from protectionist societies into globalization.

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The first half of Moyo's thesis conforms more closely to conventional economic wisdom than her previous assault on Western attitudes to the developing world, Dead Aid.