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Dating by smell

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Participation in the project costs $25 to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Instead of illicit substances, they contained swatches cut from the underarms of t-shirts.If you're sick of writing up witty bios on dating websites or taking dozens of selfies to find your perfect profile pic, you might want to try out this new website that claims to help you find love by smelling a dirty t-shirt.Tega Brain, an artist and a teacher and Sam Lavigne, an editor and a researcher at New York University, started a project called Smell Dating, a website that matches people through the sense of smell alone.Sign up for Smell Dating @ Shanghai at will occur between June 1-June 16 and costs 100 RMB.(You must live in Shanghai) Join us for the Sweat Lab, Chronus Art Center, June 25th.While most matchmaking services would require you to submit a photo, bio and at the very least your gender or sexual preference, Smell Dating only requires one thing: a t-shirt that smells of you. Perfumes and deodorants are discouraged as they may overpower your natural smell but cigarette smoke and other scents that reflect your lifestyle choices are allowed.

Three days later, once your t-shirt is sufficiently grubby and smells of your natural odour, it is sent back to the company and in return you will receive 10 equally smelly t-shirts (yay! After giving each t-shirt a whiff and carefully selecting your favourite, you must wait to see if the feelings are mutual and if your scent is as attractive as you hope. Created by the quirky digital group ‘Useless Press’, Smell Dating is still in experimental stages and currently only limited to 100 people.

There would be no sorting for gender, age, or sexual orientation; all decision-making relies upon the user’s sense of smell. No need to rely on lists of favorite movies or activities to find a mate.

I didn’t have to care whether anyone loved to travel or go to museums.

Dubbed "the first mail odor dating service" on its website, Smell Dating works by first sending users a t-shirt that they wear for three days and three nights without putting on deodorant or perfume.

Then return the used T-shirt to the company so they can cut it up to send to potential mates.

Participants will be sent a t-shirt to wear and return to CAC.