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Dating banner advertising

Banner advertising is for a three year term, and typically begins with each new school year. 4X4 Banners may be renewed for $1000 for 3 years (installments $400, $300, $300) and 4X8 Banners may be renewed for $2000 for 3 years (installments $800, $600, $600).Renewal rates are based on using the same banner as previously.

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For either size, advertisers supply the artwork and YC will have two banners manufactured by our vendor, one for outdoor and one for indoor display.Revenues from these banners are vital to the success of our athletic programs.For the advertisers, they provide tremendous exposure to a large and wide ranging market, the spectators from both the home and away teams at more than 80 sporting events each year. $1500 for 3 years (installments $500, $500, $500) $2500 for 3 years (installments $900, $800, $800) Renewals After the initial 3 year term, advertisers may renew for another three years at a reduced cost.This article is for the one, or two or even three persons who have the responsibility to create, design and do advertising with banner ads.These guys have the responsibility to make the user click on that banner ad and convert them to come to the event.Following banner types and sizes are accepted: 468×60, 728×90 and 160×600 banners in “GIF”, “JPEG” and “Flash” formats. You are welcome to contact our custom team if you want to create a special banner for your website.

The following banner ad sizes are supported for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

Banners are hung on the football stadium fence and remain there permanently for the term of the advertising program.

Banners are hung in the gym and remain there permanently for the term of the advertising program.

The service is completely free thanks to the ad exchange commission: for every 5 ad views on your site you receive 4 views of your own ads on other dating-related websites.

The one view that remains is offered to the paying advertisers who cover the cost of running the service. Find out more about the terms and rules of the service in this FAQ section.

I believe that this is the point where you can find the difference between a good marketer and a great marketer.