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Dating and marriage practices in morocco

From the beautiful mountains, to the colorful bazaars, and the ancient capitals of Fès and Marrakech, Morocco is a country of endless surprises that take your breath away.A diverse country in all aspects with influences from many different cultures, each region has it's own specific traditions and customs.

However, as this particular revolution sweeps through many Arab societies, creating new realities and new narratives, many scholars(?The “Furnishing Party” is an important pre-wedding ceremony that takes place five days before the fixed wedding date.The Furnishing Party focuses on preparation of the bride’s new home.Once again, I found myself at the city’s beloved landmark of beauty: the Kasbah des Oudaias.A Kasbah is a fortified area that once housed the ruling family, its guards and everything needed for living under attack.The pre-wedding ceremonies include sending gifts and presents to bride.

If the parents of groom are pretty affluent, they send opulent golden jewelry, clothing, and perfumes for the bride.

As mentioned in my earlier post (Islam 101), dating is forbidden in the Islamic world.

Premarital sex and even kissing the opposite sex is a no-no.

) in this part of the world are rightfully asking how faith fits into the challenging situation.

How will Islam react to the changes—it adapt to it or reject it?

Morocco, one of the gems of the North Africa, is the country with very rich and active traditions.