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Dating a verbally abusive woman

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She says at some point, the verbally abusive boyfriend or husband feels safe enough to put his perceived "feminine side" into his partner's body.Alas, since he has never been a woman, his perfect woman is a "dream woman" as Ms. It is important to differentiate between abused gay men and abused heterosexual women.

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I was *always* fed last at the table, and always given the least amount of food.Patricia Evans is an internationally recognized Interpersonal Communications Specialist.Drawing upon research of more than thirty thousand cases of verbally abusive relationships, she speaks and conducts workshops throughout the country.Patriarchy and chauvinism do not fit in the explanation of abusive male homosexual relationships; gay men are not women in any context.There is a void in the research explaining abuse in homosexual relationships, but some researchers believe the ideas of male dominance and the desire for power over another person partially explains it.There is no difference between a verbally abusive husband and a verbally abusive boyfriend.

By the time the abuse starts, the unmarried victim committed themselves to the abuser in some way (pregnancy, introduced to family, etc.), and the married victim is legally (and presumably spiritually) bound to the abuser.

It doesn't matter if the abuser is heterosexual or homosexual, the abuse affects couples the same – it both pushes them apart and draws them closer together as the abusive cycle takes hold.

(See: Verbally Abusive Men and Women: Why Do They Abuse?

She was capable of being a proper mother to the other kids but this was not extended to me.

Towards me she was cold, disinterested, I cant even imagine my mother smile because she never smiled at me.

I was subjected to emotional abuse in many different forms.