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Danielle staub and danny provenzano dating

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Provenzano provided Hoffa with protection, but their relationship soured after Hoffa was unable to secure a Teamsters loan for a restaurant he wanted to open.The two became enemies after Hoffa insulted Provenzano, telling him “It’s because of people like you that I got into trouble in the first place.” After their sentences were over, the two allegedly had a violent confrontation during a chance meeting at an airport.

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We also learn about Danielle’s colorful dating life.Provenzano was known for his connections to Teamsters Union leader Jimmy Hoffa and President Richard Nixon With Hoffa's blessing, Provenzano used his position as Teamsters vice president to take union funds for his personal use.To solidify his support among the criminal elite, Hoffa had encouraged the Mafia's heavy-hitters who were involved with the union to use their locals as personal accounts."What are you gonna do when it's not active anymore? (Interestingly enough, Kim showed up at the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" premiere party at the Brownstone, where the Manzo clan, Jacqueline and Teresa held court; Danielle celebrated elsewhere.) Unwanted advice: Albie and Lauren Manzo meet up with Jacqueline's daughter Ashley and her boyfriend Derek." I am shocked to discover that Teresa has leopard-printed sheets. Albie asks how long they've been dating -- Derek says seven months -- and buzzkill Lauren immediately wants to know if they're planning on getting married.To snip or not to snip: On her way home from the hospital with baby Audriana, Teresa broaches the idea of a vasectomy to husband Joe. Teresa's nose grows a foot when she says, "Not that I really want to bring her up, but" and then brings up Danielle. Kim's son, John, is a friend of Christopher Manzo's, and pays a visit to the Manzo Manor, where the ham game is underway.

"You should be so happy when it's active," Joe says. Caroline tells John that she can't be friends with John's mother because she knows she's friends with Danielle.

Hoffa and Provenzano were eventually jailed for their activities; their sentences at the federal prison in Lewisburg overlapped.

The two initially were close allies, with the Capo exercising his rank at Lewisburg and demanding the loyalty of prisoners, which made him the major power within the prison.

Anthony Provenzano also known as Tony Pro (May 7, 1917 – December 12, 1988) was a Caporegime (or captain) in the Genovese crime family of New York City.

Born May 7, 1917, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Sicilian immigrants, Rosario and Josephine Provenzano.

Danielle made sure to to show up to the event with a crew/posse, ex cons included, and even permitted them to raise hell, but ofcourse leaving Chris Manzo out of it, because he is underage afterall. for whatever reason decided to go along with it all.