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Council tax disability reduction backdating

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You may claim where you are working for an employer, self-employed or receiving a benefit or allowance payable by Job Centre Plus where you have to pay rent for the property you live in.You may pay rent to a private landlord or to a Housing Association e.g. Housing Benefit is a means tested benefit which means that your personal and financial circumstances will determine how much help we can give you.

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The following groups will be exempt from the changes to Tax Credits and Universal Credit (UC): There is currently a benefit cap in place restricting the amount in certain benefits that a working age household can receive.This means that more people may be eligible for Housing Benefit.If you are of pensionable age and are not in receipt of Housing benefit, now may be the time to apply.Go to the sections below for more information about this.Eventually you will be migrated to Universal Credit and the DWP will let you know when this is likely to happen.In effect this will mean that families with one or more children born before April 2017 will continue to get the family element but first children born after this date will not get the family element.

For every £1 you earn above this, your benefit will be reduced by 48p compared to the current rate of 41p.

Housing Benefit is a 'means tested' Benefit - different awards will be granted depending on your personal circumstances.

We will need to see evidence of all of your income and savings in order to complete the calculation.

There are no differences in the way claims for same sex couples and couples of different sex are worked out.

If you are claiming as a couple and you have made a joint claim for other benefits, you should claim HB or CTS with the same person as the main claimant and the other as the partner.

Working age residents in these postcodes, who need help with their rent, must claim Universal Credit from the Department of Work and Pensions for help with their housing costs. All other working age residents If you are not single without a child and do not live in SM4 or CR4, may claim Housing Benefit.