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For example, can we assign both "parallel" and "offset" for Modify Offset? I added some priority commands (from my perspective), and tried to push, but it says permission denied.: D git user name: r-a-v-a-s Hi Dongxu I saw the work you did on rs_commands... I added some priority commands (from my perspective), and tried to push, but it says permission denied. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy.It works with the rcd daemon to install, update, and remove software according to the commands given.

It can install software from local files or from servers.

Is the concept of full and short commands exclusively for the tab completion/hint feature?

How to install Single Player Commands Pocket Edition 1. (Thanks to Why To Fu) -Added commands: /sprint on, /sprint off -Added descriptions to commands in this forum Single Player Commands v4.1: -Made Magic Carpet disappear when /mc off is typed Single Player Commands v4.2: -Added commands: /bounce, /coords Single Player Commands v4.3: -Added Auto-closing Portable Door -Removed /pdoor close, as it now automatically closes -Added Android Script ID Single Player Commands v4.4: -Added commands: /hole -Added /give message Single Player Commands v5: -Added Spawn Touch and Raining Animals!

-Added Commands: /pdoor on, /pdoor off, /pdoor open, /pdoor close Single Player Commands v2.1: -Added bow to select Bomb and Portable Door for creative mode -Added Portable Door help Single Player Commands v2.2: -Removed bow for selection.

Get started by typing /commands, or /help The code is available to see at Git Hub /ascend - Ascends the player to the platform above /bind [PARAMETERS] - Binds a command to a GUI button /bounce - Launches the player into the air /clear - Clears the player's survival inventory /commands - Lists all commands /coords - Shows the player's current coordinates /descend - Descends the player to the platform below /explode - Sets off an explosion at the player's location /gamemode [survival|creative|s|c|0|1] - Changes the player's gamemode /give - Sets the health of the player to pre-defiined figures /hole - Creates a hole underneath the player /ignite [SECONDS] - Sets the player on fire /jump - Teleports the player to the block being looked at /kill - Kills the player /lbind - /bind for left handed users /magiccarpet - Creates a carpet of glass underneath you /panorama - Makes viewing a panorama easier /spcpe - Provides generic information about SPCPE /time SPCPE BETA: -COMPLETE rewrite (Still being rewritten) -Added more colours -Added more commands -Added more GUI (/spcpe, /coords, /commands) -Added external file reading -Made /give better -Added automatic updating Single Player Commands v1: -Initial release -Commands: /explode, /give, /ignite, /tp, /home, /sethome, /delhome, /bomb on, /bomb off, /bomb detonate Single Player Commands v2: -Added Portable doors!

Look down to lower the carpet Single Player Commands v4: -Sprint mode added!