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She would find moments later that she was being brought out of her moment of zen by the smell of funk.

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To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.The model and TV star has said she would feel “uncomfortable” with dating a man who is attracted to men as well as women. Responding, she simply said: “No”, adding: “Personally—no judgment—I wouldn’t be comfortable. I definitely find beauty in everybody whether they’re heavy-set, super skinny, if they’re white, black, Indian, Asian, Spanish.” Rose revealed last year that she used to date a transgender man, and later a gossip website has branded her as a ‘sexual freak’.Speaking on Loveline radio this week, Rose said she said she “wouldn’t be comfortable” with dating a bi guy. I just wouldn’t be comfortable with it and I don’t know why.” Co-host, sex therapist Dr Chris Donaghue seemed surprised at the revelation, asking her to “go further”. “Maybe I’m not secure enough to be with a man that likes other men because I would feel like when he’s out with his boys, it’s just more of a moment.” But she eventually went on to say: “Maybe I’m not secure enough to be with a man that likes other men because I would feel like when he’s out with his boys, it’s just more of a moment.” Previously speaking to Complex, she said of her own sexuality: “I’m extremely open with my sexuality. Rose appeared on Margaret Cho’s podcast Loveline and the pair spoke about the people they’re attracted to.He asked that maybe she would be worried that there would be extra “competition” for the attention of her partner if he was a bisexual man. Bisexual Cho said that she liked “real masculine” women, Rose agreed saying that she also found transgender men attractive, and had dated a trans man in the past.In 2017's first episode of Loveline with Amber Rose, which aired on Facebook Live, Amber Rose admitted that she wouldn't be comfortable dating a bisexual man.Interestingly, also have seen a rise of “Centrists” which are users indicating that they don’t want to affiliate with either party.” Since January, women on Ok Cupid have not been shy about broadcasting where they stand.

Captions with ‘women’ or ‘womens’ in the text are 50 times more common than the the same period last year, and ‘Women’s March’ was the hottest new photo-caption term after the protest, according to the dating app.

Although Amber thinks "it's amazing when a guy is bisexual and he’s comfortable with it," she says that in her personal sex life, she would think about her boyfriend's bisexuality too much.

She says that it would bother her and that she wouldn't be comfortable with it.

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We both agreed Tinder sucks and online dating can be pretty odd, too, so there’s no harm in trying something like this.