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Cheapest verizon phone updating

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Provided you're comfortable with Verizon and don't mind making device payments on top of your carrier fees, it's cheaper than either buying new phones outright or paying a hefty premium to upgrade early.There's basically no reason to buy the Pixel from Verizon.

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For starters, Verizon suggests it may be possible to offset the fee by trading in one's old phone.Not sure if Aohus through Verizon is an option anymore b/c idk what would happen when you pick a new data plan through Verizon now. * if you get an email or phone call after you order from Best Buy saying they could not process your order and they need for you to call them, do not call them - it is best to cancel the order.They will likely try to involve Verizon and the Verizon rep will manually kick you off of your UDP.But Verizon's excuse for adding the charge is pretty rich.The millions the company rakes in from the fee will be used to offer customers "wireless workshops" and "online educational tools," among other things, spokeswoman Brenda Rayney told Smart Money.Part of that plan is a multi-pronged retail approach that includes partnering with Verizon in the U. to get the new Pixels out in stores and in front of average consumers.

But just because Google has struck a deal with Verizon to carry the phones doesn't mean you need to go with that option — Google is also selling the phones directly through the Google Store, and through its own carrier Project Fi.

According to the press release announcing the fee, there will also be "consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever." Here's an idea: how about I let you know when I want to spend my Saturday hanging out in a Verizon store learning things I could read in the manual -- and then you can charge me a $30 admission. What turns the knife harder on this latest move is that just a year ago Verizon abandoned its "New Every Two" program, which gave customers signing renewing two-year contracts $30 to $50 off their new phone.

So now, not only do you not get the $30 credit when you upgrade, you have to pay them a $30 fee to get the new phone. (When I asked about this point, Verizon declined to comment.) Sure, in out-of-pocket terms, $30 isn't that much. " Say that it's for building out the 4G network, or, better yet, say, "Hey guys, we feel like making more money and -- at least we don't charge as much as AT&T's." Don't insult our intelligence.

Verizon hopped on the annual phone upgrade bandwagon late last year, but only for i Phones -- not much good if you prefer Android-flavored devices. The carrier is launching an Annual Upgrade Program that gets you a new smartphone each year.

So long as you buy Samsung's Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on an installment plan, you won't have to shell out more to upgrade to something new.

We've started to learn the details of how Verizon will handle the Pixel phones, and most of the news isn't good for the savvy consumer who thinks about the intricacies of how they'll experience their phone.