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Perhaps, you don’t know exactly what kind of website you need or how much it will cost.

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Registered workers can apply to the Corporation for special consideration to have their registration date reset to an earlier date (ie. This will allow the earlier work to be counted in their record.The setting of a registration date in the past does not mean that periods of employment are automatically recorded from that date. In certain circumstances tax credits claims can be backdated.That would have the effect of turning the car insurance industry’s risk-assessment-based business model on its head.Before long, there would be no car insurance industry and we’d all be paying for damages and injuries out of pocket.For example, if the contract is dated today, who owns that portion of the website code that was developed prior to signing the agreement? So, you paid the designer in full but you don’t own the website?

Yes, that’s the problem and that’s when backdating comes in.

Ideally, the agreement would be signed when you first started working together, but that didn’t happen.

Backdating, by definition, is the practice of putting a calendar date on any document that is earlier than the date on which that document was actually written. Backdating Car Insurance Policies Backdating a car insurance policies is illegal and something no reputable insurance company or agent would ever do. Because it implies that you had coverage on your vehicle before you actuallydid.

Lawsuits would inevitably skyrocket, clogging our already over-burdened court system.

The only people who would benefit from that would be trial lawyers. Closer to home, consider this: backdating a car insurance policy is insurance fraud.

Legislation requires that the Corporation must be satisfied before backdating a registration that there were ‘special circumstances’.