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Boyfriend logged into dating site

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I'm not proud I snooped but I'd been having the feeling something was off with him and so since I know what his password generally is I logged into his e-mail to find he is signed up for a dating site and has off and on been actively messaging girls on it, even straight out asking some of them or hinting at hanging out with them sometime.I also discovered that throughout our nearly year and a half long relationship that he has had several accounts on this same site.

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Things have been going great, except he's still logging into his dating profile.Right off the top, you mentioned that you and he have agreed to be exclusive.It’s reasonable to interpret that as meaning you’ve agreed to not date anyone or sleep with anyone else, but I want to ask: when you agreed to be exclusive, how did this come about?In fact, they have made their relationship very public by flirting and posting photos on China's popular social media site, Weibo.While the couple have around one million followers, they only follow each other.To save everyone confusion though, I think ‘taking the profiles down’ should be talked about outright, likely in the exclusivity conversation, and not something that is just assumed.

Until a couple is exclusive, there’s really nothing wrong with being on a dating site.

I also wouldn’t even classify this as snooping, per se. You didn’t somehow break into and read his emails or texts.

You’re just seeing what he’s doing online and that information is freely available to the world.

Why would he do that if he's serious about dating me? Post it, anonymously, to Group Therapy for advice, and check out what else is happening in the Très Sugar Community.

I asked him if he was dating other girls, and that if he was then I didn't have any interest in continuing to see him, but he assured me that he wasn't and that I had nothing to worry about.

Zhang Muyi, a Chinese pop singer and his girlfriend, Canadian child model Akama Miki, are the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez of China.