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Craig Bierko was born on August 18th, 1964, in Rye Brook, New York.His mother, who was Jewish born, converted to Catholicism.

On the TV series, THE POWERS THAT BE, Craig Bierko has a recurring role playing Joe Bowman."Everlasting" is the name of "The Bachelor" type show. My job essentially is, to get as juicing, salacious and interesting footage and soundbites from each girl, as possible, using any means necessary.The most interesting thing about the show is, it peels back the reality show, it answers people's questions, " what is real, and what is scripted, what is authentic". So what that means is manipulate them, and lie to them , putting them in a really uncomfortable situation.Its supercharged second season, which premieres Monday night, slams our moment’s hottest topics into a blender and hits frappe.The resulting concoction, made of election dynamics, confederate flags, Black Lives Matter, football, diversity, gender norms, voyeurism, narcissism, hedonism, nihilism, cruelty, manipulation, and mental illness is like a juice fast created by a demon: It looks great, tastes better, and tears you apart from the inside, leaving you gutted—which is a brutal kind of cleansed. Rachel is an uncanny empath who simultaneously despises manipulating reality TV contestants and lives for it. problem, one inspired by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.What began as an enchanting conversation regarding the overwhelmingly handsome, openly gay actor/model Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman's second season starring in "Lifetime's", acclaimed series, " Un REAL", airing on June 6th at 10 pm, became an emotionally explosive, and dauntless heart to heart.

The Canadian born, 31 year old actor spoke candidly and openly, without reservation about the fact that he was adopted, the fact that he was gay, and the issues surrounding both.

Congratulations on your second season of "Un REAL".

I'm so blessed that one, we got picked up for season 2 and two, to be back doing it.

Stage star Craig Bierko has pulled out of his role in a Broadway production of Matilda The Musical for three months after aggravating a shoulder injury. Actress JULIE BOWEN has given birth to her first son after her waters broke on the set of US TV show BOSTON LEGAL yesterday (10APR07).

The LOST star's son, OLIVER MCLANAHAN PHILLIPS, was born late...

His father, Rex Bierko is Polish, and ran a community theatre. In 1986, he switched to speech and went to Northwestern University.