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[Angel Donovan]: Hey guys, here's another episode of DSR Podcast - Dating, Sex, Relationships. So, you sent us some questions in and we're going to answer them. [Jackson Hunter]: Girlfriend's Training Program I think it is. "I started comparing every pick up artist out there and more guys like Lyons and Hudson. The first thing is you throw in tons and tons of names out there and you're in a very similar predicament to a lot of guys that come across our site in that you are information overloaded and it's really not going to help you and I think you've probably heard this from us before but just to keep it very, very simple, be more different approaches to this that you study, the worse you will get, the more confused you will get, the more you will hesitate because, you'll have five different versions of the appropriate direction to walk, the appropriate things to work on. It gives you a bit of a variety in the responses and a bit better breadth of information. I went further into Secrets of the Alpha Man by Carlos Xuma and his GTP." I think, that's one of his systems: girlfriend, something, something. "I've read The Game by Neil Strauss and I realized this world was huge." Yeah, no kidding. We'll try to keep this succinct just to get to the big points here.

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However, this should not be a hindrance to you finding happiness.There is now a dating advice book that you can download as your personal how to become a man women want guide.And the most amazing thing about this dating advice book is it was written by a woman.I'm getting lost with too many options trying to figure out who's the best with things Mr. Then, I see your top products and I think I shouldn't follow names but rather, individual products. So, the fact that you put all of these names out there and you've been studying and that you're trying to figure out what the best is, is really probably one of the problems that you have to start with.Then, there's the Impact thing you guys make right." That's obviously the Implant Program. So, I'm going to spell that actually because, I guess some of you guys at home have thought it was the Impact Program. The fact is that there's lots of good guys and you've pointed to a lot of people out there which are good names in this industry, got good programs and you'll see them on the site.Because, you know, we all need a little relationship advice every now and then.

WATCH: In the Asia edition of You Have Been Warned, Discovery Channel Asia teamed up with Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, Lourd De Veyra, RA Rivera, and Angel Rivero to guide the viewers through the wonderful (and most of the time, shocking) science behind the internet's most viral videos.

In addition to a pill reminder and a period tracker that lets you use emojis to document your mood swings, my Pill has a message board where, once you log in through email or Facebook and create a username, you can ask fellow period-havers questions. Answers, but all the questions and answers are coming from young women using contraceptives for the first time.(We blurred the faces and usernames in the following photos because my Pill users are, ostensibly, teenagers.)The majority of questions concern all the doomsday, “what if?

” pregnancy scenarios that run through your mind every time your period is over an hour late (or not—maybe you are a “chill” person—I don’t know).

The price is probably not worth it for the main pill reminder feature—just set a regular alarm!

—but it pays for itself considering how much good advice from teen girls is on there.

“Took yesterday’s pill 10 hours late and now I’m spotting, it’s normal right? “Also about 12 days ago I took a pill 12 hours late, could this have anything to do with the spotting?