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Baby registry not updating

• Automatically categorizes entries, making it easy to find specific items on your registry. • Easily share your registry list with your family and friends.• Even add your list to Facebook or Twitter account.

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The moment one of your buddies purchases the item the app updates the list and denotes that the item has already been purchased. We go by the product’s item code and the app lists all details about the item with pictures, so that your friends don’t buy the wrong item. That’s why we cover more details about the item that you may choose to fill in.Technically, the registry is the collective name for various database files located in the Windows installation directory.The registry contains registry values (which are instructions), located within registry keys (folders that contain more data), all within one of several registry hives ("main" folders that categorize all the data in the registry using subfolders).With this being my third child, I had no intention of doing a baby registry.After having two kids close together in age, we have more than enough baby gear and clothes.also at babies r us if you didn't get everything that you wanted at your baby shower you get 10% off of whatever is left on your list. I have yet to buy anything though, my boyfriend and his mom say to wait until after the baby showers but im not so sure i can!

my baby girl is due in june but my sister is planning an early babyshower to ease my impatience.

• A barcode scanner to quickly and easily add items like cloths, toys, gear or even a stroller to your registry from any store!

• Browser “Add to Registry” button to add items directly from most website if it doesn’t tell us and we will add the site!

Please insure that you have registered for an user account before updating to this version or any list and items that you have previously made will not be saved.

Feature enhancements: Share your registry list(s) with your guest and with our new administration panel you can restrict the user View & Shop (your shared list restricts guest from editing the list, they can only view and mark off an item when purchased) Add & Edit (allows this guest to add or edit items) Delete Items Congratulations! We’ve covered that for you with our i List Apps® - Baby Registry. Once you download the app, just scan the barcode of the item you liked in any store or add the item directly from the web.

I've been changing it and updating it as I get further along, and then once I find out the sex I'll probably change it all again.