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Auto updating twitter feed

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Echofon for Windows, A Twitter Desktop Client Greasemonkey Script Twitter auto-refresh for Firefox automatically refreshes Twitter homepage for every X seconds.

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Other apps do not offer this personalization and are more bland.If you spend a quite amount of time in Twitter staying busy with retweeting, writing Twitter posts or sending direct messages would not like to click the X New Tweets link in your Twitter Timeline.As a result, you are to click each time on a link saying the number of new tweets if you want to read them.There is a cool option to enable the auto refresh method in Twitter page and hence increase your productivity.Design your own color themes, view inline images, search nearby, and much more. I love Tweetlogix and have been using it for years, after a friend introduced it.

Since switching to Tweetlogix, I never returned to any other Twitter app because it sufficiently incorporates many useful features making your social media experience efficient.

I've tried clearing the data, uninstalling, even switching phones. If not, are there other suggestions for twitter clients?

I am working with Twitter APIv1.1 and currently I am trying to implement a box which will display my latest tweets.

Whenever I open my twitter application, it always auto refreshes the timeline feed.

If I haven't checked it in a while, it automatically goes to the top of my feed.

Twitter Gadget is a full-featured client for, designed to submit and view status updates via your favorite homepage service, Chrome apps, or directly in any browser.