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In other words, his style feels very much like style, calling attention to itself even as it falls short of the ravishing visual and sensual effect he so evidently intends. Sayombhu Mukdeeprom (who also lensed Apitchatpong Weerasethakul’s stunning-to-behold “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives,” and less impressively, Miguel Gomes’ muddier-looking “Arabian Nights”), Filomarino wants images that make your heart ache, that trigger intense emotional tremors in places we can’t normally access — the way Guadagnino’s “I Am Love” does.But the result, while loving shot on celluloid, feels stiff, flat and too transparently calculated.

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Antonina spent three years in a "special settlement", a logging camp with five wooden barracks along a river bank where a thousand kulaks and their families were housed.Chief among “Antonia’s” limitations is the fact that its leading lady, newcomer Linda Caridi, hasn’t yet developed those qualities that draw an audience in.The sweaters, on the other hand, were supplied by Fendi, a fashion label with an established history of capturing the eye and imagination, so it’s no wonder that the dull, plain-faced Caridi (who looks something like a young Holly Hunter, stripped of her unpredictable energy) is so easily upstaged by her wardrobe.I had a strict upbringing and wasn't allowed a boyfriend until I was 18.My parents, who are originally from China, said if a woman has sex outside marriage she is cheap, and a good man wouldn't expect her to anyway.So many of them died from hunger, cold and typhus that they could not all be buried; their bodies were left to freeze in piles until the spring, when they were dumped in the river.

Antonina and her family returned from exile in December 1934, and, rejoined by her father, moved into a one-room house in Pestovo, a town full of former kulaks and their families.

The Whisperers is a synthesis of diaries, photographs and letters hidden by the survivors of Stalin's purges and it perfectly captures the paranoia and secrecy that pervaded the lives of the Russia's ordinary citizens.

Antonina Golovina was eight years old when she was exiled with her mother and two younger brothers to the remote Altai region of Siberia.

I didn't feel embarrassed, I'm going to be a doctor, after all.

But I hope I'll be able to ignore my curiosity until I marry - however long away that is.

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