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Believing that a diet of cereals, fruits and vegetables was better for humans than a heavy meat-based diet, he created – a mix of rolled oat flakes, fruit, nuts, lemon juice and condensed milk – for patients in his Zurich sanatorium.It's still eaten today, and not only eaten at breakfast but sometimes in the evening, too.

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To help lower your costs, use this guide to Switzerland to travel the country on a budget!The country is home to shimmering lakes, picturesque mountains (hello Alps!), tiny walled medieval towns, soaring peaks, endless green fields you want to run through, delicious chocolate, beer, and friendly people.6 comments To get permission to work in Switzerland, different conditions apply for citizens who are from a country in the European Union or European Free trade Association (EFTA) (EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), than for citizens who are third-country nationals (non-EU/EFTA citizens).However, obtaining a Swiss work permit is increasingly becoming more difficult.” It is an expensive country with only a few ways to save money.

But that being said, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth – and beauty has a price!

As one of the most expensive countries in Europe, Switzerland is often skipped over by budget travelers.

Having been here, I can say that before you even get out of the train station/airport, you’ll begin to wonder “how the heck did I spend so much money already?!

It is also expected that authorities will further increase the frequency and number of on-site labour inspections, meaning foreign employees should keep a file on site.

The immigration authorities have also tightened application practices, such as closer scrutinity of applications, increased salary requirements and stricter extension rules.

These measures have made obtaining work permits more difficult but getting a Swiss work permit is still possible for those that meet the conditions, or work in a shortage industry.