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Aedating templates

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Dating website templates are composed for online dating and matching projects.

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But after the Paiment was done,, the Support changes to a sellsman. I've had the site up an running for a couple of days now.and got the basic navigation all set I find out why this is such a cheap program. If everything worked great, and this was a stellar program it might be worth the money. But considering that the cost of Boonex will surpass them anyway - it's worth a try. I must admit, from first glance, and for those who are used to geocities, and angelfire, Dolphin would present several problems.The $99 fee to have the logo removed didn't turn me off, per se. (However, the $1000 all inclusive support package does piss me off.) It wasn't until after I spent three days getting to know the program and doing all my setups that I realize - I have a really nice looking DATABASE. A nice looking screen to show off the members profiles. But let's face it, at best it's a mediocre program. I have personally been using dolphin for several years now, not only a user of dolphin i am also a hosting service provider who hosts this application.FEATURES: MEMBER AREA: 1/ Sign up form; 2/ Place pixel orders as many as they want;..Dating famous php based dating software with free installation, lifetime upgrades and technical support.New features - New templates, password protected photos, credits payment system, audio/video chat and IM, php BB and v Bulletin integrated, banner rotation system, speed dating module. Marketing scripts are always popular and Ad Boards are no Dating is software to start your own online dating business.

ae Dating combines the functionality of a dating Web site and an entertainment portal.

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Anyone who has any level of experience in the online matchmaking business will quickly tell you to buy dating site software that doesn't require a lot of your time.

After all, one of the major benefits to running your own dating site is having it operate automatically. You don't need a degree in PHP or HTML to set up your site.

The template design contains instructions that can help the user to develop a great website.