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Adwaita tortoise carbon dating

Shell preserved Aldabra tortoises are found in the four-island Aldabra atoll of the Seychelles, a UN World Heritage Site that now has about 152,000 giant tortoises.They average about 120kg (265lbs) and are thought the longest-lived of all animals.

This particular turtle also has a very long neck which allows them to feed on leaves approximately 1 m (3′) off the ground.Adwaita was a gift to Robert Clive of the East India Company from the British seafares who captured 4Tortoise from the Seychelles Island.3 have died, while Adwaita was transferred to Alipore zoo in 1875 by Carl Louis Schewedler the founder of the zoo during that time.himself during 1835 visit to Galapagos Islands as part of his round the world survey expedition, transported to England, and then brought Harriet to final home at Australia, by a retiring captain of the Beagle.He lived on a diet of wheat bran, carrots, lettuce, soaked gram (chickpea), bread, grass and salt.His shell cracked in late 2005, and a wound developed in the flesh underneath the crack.His shell cracked some months ago and a wound had developed.

West Bengal officials said records showed Adwaita was at least 150 years old but other evidence pointed to 250.

A tortoise that once belonged to British colonial general Clive of India in the 18th Century has died in a zoo in Calcutta.

Adwaita, "the only one" in Bengali, was found dead by keepers in Alipore Zoo on Wednesday.

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1750 – 22 March 2006) was a male Aldabra giant tortoise that lived in the Alipore Zoological Gardens of Kolkata, India.