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Activex not updating

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One of the most important activities we do in the software industry is service our customers through software updates.Like any other binary software, Active X controls often need to be updated with bug fixes and new functionality.

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For anyone who has not installed the Active X prior to the Update, it will be required to be installed at that time.For the average user, Active X is simply something that many websites require to take advantage of all of their features.It is important to make sure that you have the most recent version installed in your computer.The updated Active X will be available to download for testing and installation purposes during the Beta period.We highly recommend that you install the Active X for all of your users beginning any time after the Beta starts until the Update is made available.The first and simplest is to simply reinstall the browser.

This is by far the fastest way to solve the problem, particularly if you are using Internet Explorer.

If you are unable to install the add-on, make sure you are logged in as a local administrator on the machine.

Net Documents will occasionally have an Update that includes an update to the Active X add-on.

When you release new versions of your Active X control, subscribed users visiting a site that uses the new version can choose to receive the update automatically.

The new version can be installed immediately, or precached for offline installation later.

Add detection logic to your Active X control to check for updates The best way to distribute an update is to have your Active X control download and install it.