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It was listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List since 2002 because the population was considered fragmented and small with a declining trend. The sand cat inhabits both sandy and stony desert, in areas far from water.

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Epiphora occurs when the nasolacrimal duct, through which the tears of a kitty's eyes usually empty, doesn't work properly, preventing the tears from draining.Cats can catch coccidia the same way humans do: from contact with feces or by eating infected animals, such as rodents.Contact with feces need not be direct, since one cat can easily track the microscopic spores out of the litter box, and all over the house, to infect others.If so, they may also begin to show signs of coccidiosis.Very young, very old, sick, or stressed cats are the most susceptible, but all cats who carry the parasite are contagious.If he supports his body weight with his arms, you are free to do what you please with your hands.

Work your fingers between your legs and go to town — any additional moans you may let out are an added bonus for him in this position.

It is a small cat characterised by a flat, wide head, short legs and a relatively long (23 to 31 cm (9.1 to 12.2 in)) tail.

It reaches 24–36 centimetres (9.4–14.2 in) at the shoulder and weighs 1.5–3.4 kilograms (3.3–7.5 lb).

Our furry Persian friends have adorable flat, pushed-in faces which, in some cases, can lead to issues with the drainage of their tears and tear staining.

Persians are also prone to other hereditary eye conditions that can result in excess tearing and eye infections, which require veterinary care.

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