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Glenn looked at his watch for the third time since he'd joined the queue at the bar.

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Making the move to Tumblr from Word Press is a soul-sucking endeavour, lemme tell ya.Everyone wears a plain white t-shirt that they don't care about anymore and they bring a marker.Write whatever you want on whoever you want and by the end of the night you wouldn't believe how many people you've met, and you have proof of it the next day. Delta Delta Delta Theta Sigma Here are some of the parties we've had: Buffett Bash -- Jimmy Buffett/Beach theme $5 Prom -- no more than $5 on an outfit or $5 on food (the goal is to get something from Goodwill, snaz it up with cheap jewlery and go to Mc Donalds w/ a party afterwards)works best as a team effort with a fraternity Draft-A-Date/Crush Party -- every girl secretly invites 2 guys and then tells them at the end of the party Crysti Alpha Sigma Tau [This message has been edited by Crysti_AST (edited April 09, 2000).]Several Good Themes: 60's 70's 80's disco club pajama pimps and hoes mardi gras alcoholics party - everyone gets a "hello my name is ________" sticker and writes a name on it Luau- hawaiin shirts, bikinis, grass skirts and drinks served out of coconutsok, so I have only actually been to one mixer that has a theme, seeing as I am still pretty new and I had track meets every weekend so I missed out.He stared around the bar at all the people, no one he could see was within ten years of him, but then Penny was a bit younger, and she looked younger still, she could probably still pull in a place like this no problem.He leaned as far away from the bar as he dared to check on her, and noticed her talking to a good looking lad. :) HOT, KINKY WEBCAM CHAT GIRL RENE HERE FOR YOU - LOVE IS MY REAL NAME, SEX IS MY GAME.

I am VERY HOT TODAY and ready to do everything for your pleasure!!!

He arrived back at the table to see Penny alone and her phone laying on the high table she was perched at. "Sorry I was so long, it's always a nightmare in here." "That's okay, I was...

just checking my phone." Glenn's eyes narrowed slightly, but he said nothing.

Well, with each passing minute the guilt grows and makes it harder.

I’ve been busy, but I mean, in a year and a half, how busy do you have to be to not post even once?

He pulls her away from the counter and keeps banging her from behind and rubbing her muff over her panties in standing position, then sits her over the counter and drills her some more.