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When people use Livetext, they'll be able to start a video chat with one other person -- no group chats. While the live video feeds are running, people will be able to type text messages to each other that will appear as overlays atop the video.

Her all-time favorite stage outfit: From dressing as a sassy schoolgirl to wearing a snake around her neck and skintight leather bodysuits, Britney has rocked it all. Her favorite food to eat and cook in the kitchen is … Her all-time favorite television shows: “Sex and the City is my favorite show of all time,” said Britney during her Tumblr chat. It seems only fitting that being a pop culture icon herself, Britney would love some of her generation’s most beloved programs. Brit also admitted to indulging in the dark side of TV and being a diehard fan of Breaking Bad." data-reactid="22"3. And it looks like she was Pokémoning during Southern California’s recent muggy weather spell. She promises to continue with her mission of female empowerment: Britney’s career has been built on proving that females can be sexy, yet successful.So long as people's phone are on a 3G cellular connection or better, the video should stream fine, said Yahoo's Senior Director of Product Management Arjun Sethi.New Delhi, April 12: Yahoo Messenger will now support Hindi and five other non-English languages in order to help bridge the language gap and create personalised experiences for its users, tech giant Yahoo announced on Tuesday.“On popular demand, we have added new features to Messenger which now syncs and matches users’ mobile contacts instantly, and will enable the users to find and chat with their friends even more quickly.“I loved the idea that there would be art that would reflected the character, that it wouldn’t just be decoration,” he said.“So I showed [writer-director John Hamburg] some images of some strange paintings that I did of animals having sex and various things, and he loved them.”" data-reactid="15", he would like it to be known) the multihyphenate did paint much of the hilarious art featured on its wall, most of which features fornicating animals.We really don't need to trace these bizarre statements back to real humans.

And hey, it could save them some embarrassment too.

It was all love, though, between the Oscar-nominated actors when they joined Yahoo Movies for a Facebook Live chat in front of a festive and cozy (OK, fake) fire Saturday at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Watch the full replay above, and make sure to stick around to the end to hear Cranston get his Christmas caroling on.

But the A-list songstress wanted to give fans a chance to get up close and personal with her.

The princess of pop hosted a live Tumblr chat on Monday evening where she answered questions from an arsenal of her top admirers.

The new features of the Messenger will also enable users to send — and “unsend” — any photo, message or animated GIF quickly and easily.