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Below Live Cam Model offers a guide to disabling geo-tags on the most popular smartphone devices.To disable geo-tags on iphone devices go to SETTINGSGPS .

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If you reside in a large metropolitan area this is not much of a concern, however if you reside in a small town or must keep your location a secret use a program like Hot Spot Shield to protect your native IP while providing skype cam shows.Pay Pal has a strict anti-adult policy which they enforce to levels you would never even comprehend and this includes the sales of used clothing, articles, books, movies, artwork etc which is linked from an adult website.Even a financial gift send from an adoring fan to your Pay Pal account with a note inside that is consider adult (vanilla or fetish based) in nature can trigger the investigation process.I’m also a model, a soon-to-be graduate from UCLA, a sister, daughter, girlfriend, business owner and cat lover.My career is legal in America, and I pay taxes on all my income.I am not a criminal, though it’s likely that at some point I’ll be asked to have sex on a prison cell set.

That’s because I’m a successful pornographic adult film actress.

Then press the Menu key and tick Disable GPS and choose YES to save the new setting.

These settings will ensure that no recipient of your images will be able to pinpoint your exact location via the information transmitted with your digital photos.

However, financial corporations such as Pay Pal, and more recently JPMorgan Chase, are hiding behind protective “morality clauses” in order to reject my business.

It’s as though my money is stained by something worse than blood: the bodily fluids of the sex industry.

Sex aside, I am just like every other small-business owner.