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Detectives found 1,185 indecent images and videos on his computer and on hard drives seized from his school dormitory.


And even if you do not have kids, go anyway- you’ll come out wanting to find your own Snark too!Following the sad death of our composer, Gordon Clyde, we have further new music and lyrics by John Altman, Richard Stilgoe and Tom Recknell. With the Barnstaple deal we will have a full try-out production and workshop, which will also be a showcase for us, in a 700-seater theatre, with packed houses. A "privileged" Eton College schoolboy who boasted to an undercover police officer of having hundreds of child abuse images and videos has been spared jail after a judge said prison would “undo” the counselling he has undergone.It did so in singular style, with wit, charm, intelligence, and great sensitivity. The trust that so obviously existed between the performers was part of what made it so strong.Set was minimal, comprising a few blocks at the back of the mottled green and brown stage, which was interestingly lit throughout; and costume was equally basic: non-descript jeans, shorts, shirts, and t-shirts in greys and beiges. These dancing boys ranged in shape and size from the skinny and slight to the rugby prop. Characterisation and plot shifts were conveyed solely through the way the boys moved, under the inspired choreography of director Rebecca Steel and accompanied by composer Tom Recknell’s excellent score." Boasting of having hundreds of videos, Picard added the officer on Skype and shared indecent images of a boy aged 10 and girls aged eight and 14.

Asking the undercover officer for proof he was 14 as he said and not some "old" man, Picard later shared a video of his own face.

Ms Olliver added: "There are aggravating features, the children are very young, in obvious pain and distress, and the number of photographs distributed." Picard shut his eyes as Judge Peter Ross described some of the Category A material found in his possession.

Where would we be without the archetypal troubled adolescent enduring the tender trials of growing up, so often (and so often so predictably) spun into song, film, or fiction?

"His IP address led police to Eton school in Berkshire where staff were able to identify him as a pupil," Ms Olliver said.

"He was arrested from school on suspicion of distributing indecent photographs of children." Picard, now 18, admitted one count of possessing indecent pictures of children, one count of making indecent pictures of children and eight counts of distributing indecent photos or recordings of a child.

Doing a sequel has been a fantastic opportunity to learn from the first show and make this even bigger and better.