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Sebuah perusahaan asal Irlandia, bernama Crono Labs baru saja meluncurkan Indiegogo campaign untuk membuat C1 Computer Case.In modern complex layouts, sometimes the point where a hash will transport you to will be entirely different than the one you actually wanted.If you prevent the default event, you will save yourself from the page jump, but the hash won’t change either.My boyfriend used to take me to see them every Sunday and what a dire place it was.They lived in one of the nissan huts and it was freezing!!!Serta menghemat ruang, namun tidak mengorbankan komponen-komponen penting yang ada.

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The main objection to this rule was that, being in the middle of the country and with no transport at all, how were the mums supposed to look for work or a place to live? Has her own home with money in the bank but she still remembers that place.

OK it was a roof over their heads but in no way was it home!!!

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