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Overall, the I-CAM-Q obtained results similar to those produced by a population-specific questionnaire.

On the second post-op day, his nurse, Jessica, notes that he slept most of the morning and fell asleep after physical therapy in the afternoon.Comparisons of the responses for 14 CAM modalities common to the two studies used logistic regression adjusted for demographics.There were no significant differences between the 20 surveys in the proportions reporting 10 modalities, including use of chiropractors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists, spiritual healers, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, Qigong, visualization, and prayer for health.Can you recommend some good home video monitoring devices that can help my sister and me keep an eye on our elderly mother?Over the holidays, we noticed that her health has slipped a bit, and would like to keep a closer eye on her.Baby boomers reported significantly higher rates of CAM use than the silent generation for both chronic diseases and painful conditions.

Family physicians caring for the aging population must use patient-centered communication about the risks/benefits of CAM, which is necessary to promote effective coping with chronic illnesses and pain.

He complains of pain in his left hip and says he doesn’t think he has had any pain medication today.

However, you know he received morphine 4 hours ago. In a scenario like this, the nurse should ask herself if delirium could be causing the patient’s signs and symptoms.

With that said, here are some top monitoring devices for keeping tabs on your mom.

Video Monitoring As the technology has improved and the costs have come down, video monitoring/surveillance cameras have become very popular for keeping an eye on your home, business, child or pet (via smartphone, tablet or computer), but they also work well for monitoring an elder loved one who lives alone.

--Worried Daughters There are lots of great video monitoring cameras that can help families keep a watchful eye on an elderly parent from afar, but make sure it's OK with your mom first.