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How have they managed to hold back their desperate desire for each other when they're both possessive and jealous of anyone who touches the other and all they want to do is fuck like bunnies? I want to feel the sexual tension but with very minimal sex (sex would include anything that allows them to get off, FYI - handjobs, bjs, frotting, etc.). No girl bits, cheating, menage, open relationship or too much talk of other sexual conquests. *We all know who these guys are but names need to be changed to protect the innocent.*Photo Description: Two brawny quarterbacks share a post-game moment on the field.

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His 447 rushing yards rank third among quarterbacks; his six rushing touchdowns are first.Cam Newton has some attributes that can’t be taught: his 6-5, 245-pound size, his 4.6 speed, his lateral flexibility and his Colt 45 of an arm.Drew Brees is a less striking physical specimen at 6-0, 210 pounds, but he has put together a Hall of Fame career by mastering the attributes that can be taught but are difficult to learn, such as pocket presence and precision accuracy.His powerful arm has converted 28 times on third-and-10-or-longer, fifth most in the NFL.While Newton’s flash plays have helped guide Carolina to its first winning season since 2008, history shows that an offense will eventually fail to sustain its success if it’s too reliant on its quarterback’s flash plays.Respect this situation, respect the communication end of things moving forward, and then respect the process of what’s going on in this country and this world," added Mc Dermott."He was very open, very supportive. He just said someone on this team made a stand and made a quiet protest and he just keep it at that and we just moved on from it," added the 2nd year offensive lineman."We’re building this thing around the love for one another. I want to know what’s going on in our players’ lives and let them know that we support them and we care about them as people off the field and then as players on the field," said Mc Dermott.

"We have guys that come from various backgrounds, from wealthy to poor, black, white, biracial, blended families.

Running backs and tight ends could essentially be double-teamers.

That is, unless there was a blitzer for them to block. Defenses continue to blitz a Panthers O-line that, with injuries to Michael Oher and Ryan Kalil, has had to reshuffle and rely on backups to win one-on-one.

You might recall the Eagles with Randall Cunningham, the Cardinals with Jake Plummer or the Falcons with Michael Vick.

Of course, Newton’s flash plays aren’t the sole driving force behind Carolina’s turnaround season.

Dear Author, These boys are two of America's most popular NFL heart throbs. The sexual tension between them is so intense, they're shocked their teammates haven't noticed yet especially with their unconscious desire to touch as much as possible.