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Live1 on 1 video chat

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Our Coaches are all top 1% scorers and have attended the best universities in the nation.

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We not only provide the content and structure proven to boost scores, but we also motivate and engage students to reach their full potential.Is your kid involved in so many activities between athletics and academics, you have no idea when they're going to find time for test prep?Whether you have an all-star athlete or a budding politician in the family, your kid only needs to practice 30 minutes a day using our web-based learning software.We have a few pieces of tech that are especially useful for students with learning disabilities: for dyslexia, we have guided videos walking through all practice questions that include writing, spoken-word, and video.College entrance exams can send everyone into panic mode over which test to take, when and how often to take it, and which test prep program to use. With Live 1-On-1 Online Shopping , the process is easy: • We meet online on either Skype / Google hangout. • We assess your current makeup collection so we may best complement it. • BONUS: We can review makeup application techniques that work for you.

Yondo's Video-on-Demand feature enables you to decide how you want to sell your content. Perhaps you'd like to offer a single video as a pay-per-view rental.

If a student develops a pattern of missing commitments, your Coach will notify you and set up a video session to get the student back on track.

Our approach to students with learning differences is to build a personalized plan suited to them that leverages their skills and builds around their weaknesses.

Our software combined with Coaching cuts down on the busy-work and lets your Coach and your child focus on strategies to overcome challenges, goal-setting for the upcoming week and 1-on-1 guidance.

So you can expect your Testive Coach to pack as much learning into 30 minutes as a typical 90-minute session with other SAT/ACT prep methods.

Win more clients with on-demand Java Script and backend expertise.