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Live webcam in minnesota

This cam is looking up Sheridan Street in downtown Ely.

The camera is equipped with a Pentax lens and progressive scan CCD (non-interlaced) image sensor with a 3mm - 8mm auto iris lens.Each year, the pond is stocked with about 40 different species of fish that call Minnesota home.During the State Fair, we provide a live webcam, showcasing the fish underwater.We have two sources of imagery to identify the fish, Fish of Minnesota, Minnaqua fish images.There is no audio or night lighting available with this camera.The camera features a removable infrared cut filter, which enables color video in high and low light conditions as well as IR sensitive black/white video at night.

The standard lens can be replaced with any CS mount or C mount (with C/CS ring) lens.

Falcons have been nesting and raising young at this location for more than two decades. Paul Experience live streaming views from the capital of Minnesota and "most livable city in America," Saint Paul!

People around the world have the opportunity for a true bird's-eye view from this unique perspective. Thanks to The Pointe of Saint Paul, you can visit famous landmarks such as the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Minnesota State Capitol and Fitzgerald Theater.

You will see birds, chipmunks, deer, bear, wolves, flying squirrel, black and gray squirrel, raccoon, grouse, fox and more. Right now the feeder is filled with whole corn kernels.

Night time viewing is possible because this camera uses infra-red lights.

The camera is mounted in an all weather enclosure equipped with a fan and heater.