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The examples from Nanango State High and Moreton Bay College in "Plant Options" below are of this type.However, in Year 12 students are often given freedom to choose a topic or research question from the work covered over the whole of the course.

Go to the Physics EEI suggestions webpage Want some hints on Extended Response Tasks?From Dr Richard Walding, Ph D, FAIP, FRACI, CChem, Research Fellow - Griffith University, Australia Chemistry & Physics teacher - Moreton Bay College Author New Century Senior Physics textbook by Oxford University Press.Email: [email protected] Please note: the suggestions below are just ideas for EEIs; they have been trialled but do not guarantee success.2017 (1820) 2017 (1978) 2016 (1858) 2016 (1616) 2016 (2065) 2016 (1356) 2016 (1659) 2016 (1686) 2016 (1809) 2016 (1648) 2016 (1618) 2016 (1700) 2016 (1566) 2016 (1815) 2015 (2073) 2015 (1839) 2015 (1207) 2015 (1308) 2015 (1161) 2015 (1093) 2015 (1530) 2015 (1628) 2015 (1577) 2015 (1648) 2015 (1399) 2015 (1566) 2014 (1579) 2014 (1699) 2014 (2073) 2014 (1625) 2014 (1583) 2014 (1513) 2014 (1626) 2014 (382)Dear visitor, you visited the website EROBOY. You can't see a preview and some links for downloading of photosets.We recommend to you to be registered or enter for a site under the name.Our records show that Lanie Morgan is currently I love this one.

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It is up to the teacher and student to see if they are practical for their school situation.

Any task documents from schools are Want some hints for doing a great Chem EEI?

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Various laws apply to the use of animals in schools particularly any "live non-human vertebrate, that is fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, encompassing domestic animals, purpose-bred animals, livestock, wildlife, and also cephalopods such as octopus and squid".