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That’s right, it’s a live internet otter-cam that will let you see how the critters spend their days and nights, and we’re sure it will be a total delight for otter fans! Who knows, it could actually be fascinating to see a day in the life of an oriental small-clawed otter, and judging from how popular otter exhibits are (especially one where you can shake hands with an otter), we wouldn’t be surprised if a huge number of people tune in to the Niconico broadcast.From 9 am Japan Standard Time on April 30 (Wed) to 6 pm on May 1 (Thu), live footage from a camera showing the oriental small-clawed otter exhibit will be broadcast on the Internet via the Japanese video sharing site Niconico. The otters in the exhibit include Ulto, who gained fame as the little otter with the (a smug expression full of himself), and also his mother, Tsubame. Let’s hope the otters give us an exciting performance!

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Japan Free do not represent or endorse the accuracy and reliability of advertisements and content posted on this site.For the ultimate in professional view cameras, look no further.A woman in Japan went to the hospital after eating a meal of raw fish that turned out to contain an extra, unwanted ingredient: parasitic worms that eventually burrowed into the walls of her stomach.The woman did not apparently steal any money or other items from the house, but did make use of the shower and toilet.The police described Horikawa as looking neat and clean. The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.The 36-year-old woman went to the hospital after two days of chest and stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, according to a recent report of her case.

She told the doctors that the pain had started about 2 hours after she ate uncooked salmon, the doctors wrote in their report, published Wednesday (Aug. The doctors ran several tests, including some to make sure there were no problems with the woman's heart, due to the location of the pain.

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Designed by Hiromi Sakanashi, one of Japan's leading large-format photographers, these unique cameras are compact and light enough to be used for field work, with a range of movements rivalling the best monorail cameras, yet retain the distinctive beauty, character and craftsmanship of traditional wooden flat-bed cameras.

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Believing he had detected the burglar, the man contacted police and, after an exhaustive search of the property, officers found the woman hiding in the top of a built-in cupboard designed to store bedding and mattresses."We searched the house, checking everywhere that someone could possibly hide," said Hiroki Itakura, a police spokesman.

Anisakis worms cause an infection called anisakiasis, said Dr.