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I want aunty for chating dating

I want aunty for chating dating-11

Having a hard time thinking of ways to get back at your boyfriend? Some people may argue that getting back at someone who hurt you is bad, yet some people need chastisement to better them - or at least to realize their mistakes. While it is normal for you to feel extremely angry due to his cheating, it will do you good to first thoroughly assess the situation and ensure that your accusation is not baseless.

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This will just serve to flatter his ego; besides you will only look like a psycho ex if you become too impulsive and angry. Many times it's because of what we believed we were building, and the great expectations for time and a future together.

He snooped my Facebook page (yes, this grown man), interrogated me about childhood guy friends, and even questioned my ‘feelings’ when I didn’t respond back to his calls in what he considered a reasonable amount of time.

According to him, I didn’t show that I cared enough and every guy besides him was the person I really wanted to be with.

If you're not certain that he cheated, or you only want to get back at him based on loosely-conceived notions, then you'll end up hurting yourself and probably destroying the relationship.

After the lust for revenge has come and gone, and when your revenge has taken its course, you might feel hopeless and empty inside.

The verdict is in: Women want men to cheat on them.