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Wunsch ARB comment on some of the trends – both positive and negative – which are discernible from the cases on enforcement, notwithstanding that there is no system of binding precedent in PRC. Again, in some of the older cases reported, the Courts have confused the criteria for enforcement of domestic and foreign-related arbitral awards [see, for example, Wahhing Development v. Local protectionism by the Courts may also be evident in relation to execution against assets, which in any event is a challenge in PRC – but which merits its own discussion.In this blog, we explore further some of the trends apparent from our own analysis of the cases on enforcement. By contrast, where the Courts determined that there was no valid arbitration agreement – whether due to lack of capacity or otherwise – this was a ground warranting non-enforcement under Article V(1)(a) of the New York Convention [see Concordia v. Xiaolong Lu, The Recognitions and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in China in Albert Jan van den Berg (ed), New Horizons in International Commercial Arbitration and Beyond, i CCA Congress Series, 2004 Beijing Volume 12 (Kluwer Law International 2005) pp.

Such strategies include ensuring that all cases applying for recognition and enforcement of foreign awards fall under the jurisdiction of the Intermediate People’s Court (“IPC”) (in contrast to the enforcement of domestic awards, which must be pursued at a lower level of court). In our experience, this policy may emanate from the “Letter of Reply of the Supreme People’s Court to the Request for Instructions on the Case of Not Executing the Final Award 10334/AMW/BWD/TE of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce” sent by the SPC to the HPC of Shanxi Province, which has the status of a judicial interpretation, and which concerned the enforcement of an ICC award seated in Hong Kong. The study, which involved 10,000 members of dating website Seeking, found that around three in every four men in Makati (77 percent) reported having more than five sexual partners per year.Makati ranks third, next to the top two cities—Bangkok in Thailand and Osaka in Japan, where around four in every five men reported having more than five sexual partners in a year (83 percent and 80 percent, respectively).Les informations ci-dessus vous permet de consulter les données (commentaires, buts, scores) de la rencontre Hong Kong / Corée du Nord.Vous pouvez intérargir sur ce match de football en déposant vos propres commentaires.In number one city Bangkok, 79 percent reported having four or more sexual partners annually, according to the study.

On the whole, the study said that 76 percent of men in Asia claim to have more than five sexual partners annually—lower than men in Europe and the US, who averaged seven or more partners in a year.

"Masih gedhe tu, badanya udah segini masih gedhe, kan kakinya udah panjang" ujar Arjuna dengan muka lucu.

"Si usil yg berasa udah gede, protes terus setiap diblg masih kecil kalo ktm orang, jd pendiem malu, tp kalo ga ada org, ga berhenti ngomong ini itu my smaaaart boy, lunch bersama kesayangan sebelum syuting" tulis Titi dalam caption.

Aktris yang juga akrab dipanggil Tikam ini, menyempatkan quality time bareng dengan sang putra sebelum shooting.

Melalui akun Instagramnya, aktris yang baru saja merampungkan film bersama Raditya Dika ini mengunggah lucunya Juna yang enggak mau dibilang kecil.

As announced recently on this blog Chinese Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration, edited by Wunsch ARB, were recently published by Kluwer Arbitration. As illustrated by a brief analysis of the summaries of Chinese Court decisions published by Kluwer, the enforcement landscape in China appears to be decidedly positive.