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II I nut Vurtir, Rom Bnce lie Blanirini, wilh Vuriationi far the l^»no Forle,coi»|Wby Ferj R! I have cited this artist because I esteem him to lie a first-rale model of energy and execution, and of the employnieiit at great powers in both. No.l ~ Inlroduclion aiid Polonaiac lor Uie I'iano I'Qrte, wilh a Flute A^iii^i Biiinienl Obligalo,^ hy Fenl.^Rici. This obwrv Ktion is qnile true, and these are the preaervers of the ttsditif Hi in this our Bge« Beyond this, it is not at all unfair to pronounce, that the practice does not extend if the knowledge exbts, for even Miss Stephens's diasle manner always wants digni^ and often the true judgment which is shewn in the minuter details of performance, . Sir, it most be allowed we have nedels a pun uaroized style, limited indeed in its vx/KSXt, but peifoet in Its kind, so &r as it does extend. One se Mintherery method oft^Mning tk month the prindple preserved— one bean it in the tempered manner with which be arri Tes at the climax of his energy, Tet has his voice lost the beautj of its early (reahness.

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Sex has no limit when it comes to imagination and these sex games won't deny this fact. rii|i| ril N»ii«riphi of iirat, fliiur Mf l UHiifr.VC^^I 'FESj J(, Vij_e Prrtii Jj Msr and L^irur Jt£ r li-! «,-r I’T^ud Liu j nl A u Hipir S.'Lrri ir» Tl l OMAft M Nkkl L? Micra'i MU I Isanti- uf plan if t*Ut tin fu Liltat Ilf N-iliiouik FLjai \ni jjji.l E\m..^ra. i‘ ■■ I w *r3Ji f Hit rri UU t r fi T 4 i S\ n i:ih hr 1 1 f ^ 1 h j ^l‘1 nmrc mil id your Siirtir artd iuinn:j. Ur l j U J a an .\ils* iiiles j^li U fn E Lkiij rhr* fur 2V T ti Mir fjddrrt Ell TLll Lil Rru* Rlwp III C^iry^lcf Rkf^ M Nl*u York 17, \, \ , For our l^l Q^lp pide n, hmi-l- undi»st; 25 f. She can make and take calk while she keeps an eye on dirmef cooking or children playing I SKI’' Csf. a desk phone eases living far everybody- saves scrambling up tne stairs or down i he 4- ci.? And you can also decide where they are gonna get hot and heavy, at the strip club?or maybe you feel like fucking two hot women with big tits at the sheriff’s office, its up to you.Lesbian Riders is a cutting edge sex game with multiple locations.

As the lucky player you can pick whether to make multi-racial lesbian cuties 69 each other with massive dildos or grind against each other’s shaved pussies.

L should, indeed, have taken our oratorio nnging, which ought to be our strong hold of originality, the first, but unluckily our dramatic okl'cui Ioii has mingled with ita current, and so polluted the stri^am, llial wo.

SOLD BY BALDWIN, CRADOCK, AND JOT, 47, MTESHarru-mow. mint caii ESt vntn tm t MI tt OVIIT V Um UHIN «f MOItk a)NTENTS III. Sfii Ume Cali Si •rtic f liilharmonic Mticiety ■ I, Cano Tw, and Calchen late Jnhn Wnll CHlleolt, Mils. lelicney and I'eelingi tngolher wilh niiicb mcful informi iti Ihe Naiurc aiid Princiiilca of Miiiiic Dlgrlizad by Google lid CONTENTS. Grand Variulinm .m itie Nationai 'Air of ''MVule'lirl'lann^^^^^^^^ liir llie I'iano ii'ortc, willi or wilhaul Acconipaiiiiiiutit! Tet these arethe points which generally cuise the ^slilte Englishmen unit Htmoted in the Italian natumsl manner are apt to enter Uin, I come now, Sir, to our dramatic style, which, next to our sacred, ought to exhibit the strongest traits of art hi their ex- tremest perfection.

The game can then be a sexual quest or adventure (close to an adult game) or just be a porn simulation (close to a porn game).

A sex game can as well be made on a derision tone as well as on an erotic tone.

NEW sex game Schoolgirl Curse 2 from famous Meet and fuck games developers. Group of sorority member girls were about to pull a vicious prank on a newcomer Lucy. NEW sex game Teen Titans Raven’s Meditation Session from famous Meet and fuck games developers. Raven was sitting and meditating in her room as usual.